14th April 2018 - Kevin O'Brien Comes to Town

The Kevin O'Brien Cricket Academy came to Midleton this Saturday, with the current Ireland international giving a fantastic insight into the professional game as well as exceptional fielding, batting and bowling advice. Incredibly, the rain held off, giving the opportunity for 20 of the club's members to learn from one of the world's greatest all rounders.

6th April 2018 - Club Statement

Midleton Cricket Club have announced their decision to resign from the Munster Cricket Union Premier Division due to a lack of suitable players. 

Though the announcement may come as a shock to some coming so close to the start of the season, discontent had been simmering since the club's AGM at the end of last season, despite captain Majid Kahn's side reaching the Quarter Finals of the National Cup. 
"Despite our record breaking run in the National Cup, last year's league campaign was a tough one," admits club P.R.O. Adrian Stack. "We were constantly running into trouble with player availability. Our strongest XI would give anyone a run for their money, but through holidays, injuries, family commitments and the likes we were rarely able to field our strongest side. The gap between Premier Division cricket, where you are playing against sides containing overseas professionals, and Division 2 cricket was just too wide to successfully promote players. Throughout the season, we were sending sides out with maybe 3, 4 or 5 Division 2 players and getting beaten out the gate. Well before the end of the season, the Senior squad were getting fairly demoralised. There was an intense discussion at our AGM over whether to continue playing Premier Division or not, but the decision was made to try to keep going in the hope that we could attract some players of suitable ability. Unfortunately, the exact opposite has happened, with a number of our Senior players announcing their unavailability for the 2018 season." 
The club will now compete in the MCU's Division 1, leaving only five sides in the province's top flight, but the club will complete their obligations in this season's National Cup, Munster Senior Cup and Munster Senior T20. "It's been a tough decision to make. We've looked at all options available to us, including importing our own overseas' professionals, but we've punched well above our financial weight for a number of seasons now, and we just have to accept that we are unable to compete with the concentration of wealth at some of the other Munster Clubs. Our main aim here is not for short term glory, but for long term sustainability. We hope to be able to offer the people of East Cork an opportunity to play, watch and enjoy the game of cricket for many years into the future, We all sincerely hope to be able to look back on this day in the future and consider it as a step sideways rather than backwards."

1st April 2018 - Fixtures Out

The full fixtures for 2018 are now up on the site, with the Seconds kicking things off on the 15th of April with a home tie against UCC. The Firsts welcome Quins a week later on the 22nd, The Munstermen kick off the Cork T20 Cup action on the 17th of May and the Thunders make their debut in the competition on the 25th of May.

31st March 2018 - Super Kev!

Kevin O'Brien will be bringing his Cricket Academy to Midleton on Saturday, the 14th of April, in what could prove to be the greatest challenge of his career. The Ireland all rounder will be carrying out a group training session from 10am with a quick meet and greet afterwards. "Everything I've ever achieved in my career will pale into insignificance if I can teach just one of these lads how to catch a ball, or even occasionally hit it with a bat," the Dubliner has, no doubt, thought to himself! 

1st January 2018 - Gnarley Knockharley!

Midleton Cricket Club have received a home draw for the 2018 National Cup, and will entertain Meath side Knockharley in May.